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Picasso’s Grapevine: The Complete Guide on How to Paint

For once or two, you might think that you can’t draw. It could be because you burden yourself to draw like how other people draw. When you see some illustrations and think that’s cool, for the next you wish you could draw like that. It’s like you pressure yourself to be exactly making the same kind of drawing or illustration that you adore. 

The second thing could be, you think that you don’t have any DNA art in your family. You have a thought that someone only becomes an artist or an art expert, or even can draw beautifully just because some members of their family are also keen on the art world. 

But, we think the opposite. 

Free your brush when you try to make some paintings. Having a family member who has passionate about art might help to spread the art air in every corner of the house. But, only those who dare to begin to try can follow their family’s steps. For the rest, it takes only you. 

Next, you have to believe that everyone is an artist. Everyone has a unique and characteristic touch when they create an artwork. So, start with simple things to create! Our nature has always become a great place to begin. You’ll see so many easy things to draw: the sun, the clouds, the trees, flowers and leaves, stars, are some of the simple things to get started. Before you ask how to draw all those things, try to free your mind. Free yourself from things that burden you. Once you can free your mind, then you can draw with freedom. 

To bring the air, this also can be an idea: draw or paint with your kids! Making artworks with the most creative creatures in the world is one of our best suggestions for you. Remember to start with something simple. You can also find an easy painting for kids, here in Picasso’s Grapevine, to discover inspiration. 

But, if you think you draw enough, you can still explore a lot of things to draw when bored. Even just playing with mixing colors can bring a joyful moment to overcome your boredom. After that, you can start your abstract drawing with those mixing colors. Isn’t that a great idea?

Well, we can see that some of you might think to start your drawing or painting experience as a beginner. For more than a year we’ve been in a pandemic situation. Yes, the whole world is struggling with these uncertain circumstances and of course, pandemic makes our life different. Forcing us to adapt and go through the day with more awareness of what happens to surround us. 

And art—we can say—is one of the things that keep us sane and strong. When facing this unstable condition, art becomes one of our alternatives to coping with our anxiety and worry. We can understand why you choose to draw or paint. Giving yourself time just to play and explore with colors, shapes, and lines, will transfer your restlessness and also can make a meaningful moment for you. 

As we can see fun things to draw in this pandemic situation, sketching your pet could be one of your choices that you put in your drawing list. Or maybe, you can consider painting your portrait!

So readers, the deeper you explore, the more you discover many ways to start the art. Find it here. In Picasso’s Grapevine