An Exciting New Way to Paint: The Diamond Painting Kit


Ever since the release of Diamond’s new line of art kits, kids have fallen in love with their time-saving and easy-to-use options.

Whether you’re looking for a fun project to do with your kids or love creating art, the Diamond Art Kit is sure to provide hours of satisfaction. The kit comes complete with a variety of colors that it can mix into any pattern you like!

But creating them can be frustrating without the right tools. Luckily, there is a kit to fit any level!

A beginner’s diamond painting step-by-step kit starts with an introduction video that teaches you how to use your essential supplies like paintbrushes and pencils.

The next four steps show you what colors go where on the canvas while also introducing some cool tricks for squeezing out different-sized diamonds from one tube of paint at once in just minutes!

If this sparkles your interest, then take it up a notch by looking into our intermediate or advanced kits, including my personal favorite, the silicon mold tray plus five molds, so every shape imaginable is possible.

You may be wondering which diamond art kits are the best. Well, The best diamond art kits are those that come with everything you need to get started on a piece of artwork right away.

They have the pens, drills, diamonds, and it provides instructions on cutting, polishing, shaping, and setting with plenty of practice projects, so it’s easy to get started.

The good news, though? There’s a perfect kit in every price range, whether you’re looking at $5 or $10k plus.

Buyer’s Guide

When considering what kind of kits would be best suited for creating artwork with diamonds, you want to pick one that suits your needs, tastes, budget, etc.

Luckily, there’s an excellent option that you may want to consider buying on Amazon. Fiskars and Hahnemuhle Diamond Painting Tool Kits come complete with plenty of high-quality tools and brush pens explicitly designed for use with paint containing no toxic solvents.

If you don’t know how to start or what aspect you have to consider when choosing a kit, here’s a list of some considerations to keep in mind when browsing different kits available:

  1. Based on Image

It is crucial to choose an image that you love! Why? Because choosing which type of painting you enjoy doing first is very useful for many reasons.

The process becomes enjoyable instead of tedious because you have chosen one you like and has increased chances of finishing your work without getting discouraged. It can be challenging trying to finish a piece of art if it does not interest your tastes.

You may want to start with something simpler or easier-looking to be less frustrated when working on the project. However, keep in mind some people prefer more difficult images and do just fine; we are all different after all.

  1. Based on Size

The size of the diamond painting can be important in determining how difficult it will be to complete.

A larger canvas will give you more space for small details and intricacies. At the same time, smaller canvases are usually more accessible and have fewer details, and they’re just faster to finish.

If you’re a beginner at this craft, start with something small before progressing onto more enormous canvases as your skills improve over time.

Regardless of what option suits you best, make sure this activity is something through which both finishing product and experience bring enjoyment.

  1. Based on Supplies

If you want to experience the joy of creating your diamond painting, make sure that all the necessary materials are in this art kit.

In addition to gems and adhesive, there is a setting tool for affixing them onto canvas and different types of rhinestones. It may seem like an overwhelming amount, but these supplies should be enough for completing one full-sized project!

  1. Based on Drill

There are at least two drills that sell on the market, Full/Partial Drill and Round/Square Drill.

  • Full or Partial Drill

A full-drill canvas has a clear and eye-catching look, with no color to distract from the gemstones.

A partial drill canvas will have some areas covered in stones but still leave plenty of room for creativity on your part.

You’ll be able to get lost in all possible colors while working on an unfinished piece or add just enough hints of it here and there.

So you don’t feel deprived by not having access to every hue at once like you would if a painting was done entirely freehand without any design plan laid down beforehand.

  • Round or Square Dill

When you have a large canvas, it can be difficult with round gems because they will leave tiny spaces that don’t impact the larger surface.

Instead, use square-shaped jewels for a more cohesive and uniform effect when working on big scales.

Diamond Painting Ideas

There are so many products of Diamond Painting, but here we have compiled five best sellers of Diamond Painting on Amazon for you to get started on your first project.

  1. DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach by Number Kit

Product Description

  • Canvas Material: Canvas, Round Diamonds, Tools, Full Drill.
  • Canvas Size:15.7×11.8in.Color printing, environmental canvas, high definition pattern, good texture, and aesthetic feeling.
  • DIY painting with resin sequins is dazzling, shining in the light, currently the most popular DIY decorations.
  • Diamonds are sparkling, strong third dimension; Perfect color match, diamond painting vivid image. It will never fade, more vibrant and brilliant than the resin diamonds.
  • HD CANVAS – High clear printing oil canvas is waterproof and has even texture, the pattern itself has a sticky background, and plastic overtop to keep the picture damp, and then the gems will hold so that you are easy to complete the picture
  1. Pink Paris 5D Diamond Painting Kit

Product Description

  • The package comes with everything you need to finish the project. You will get one HD canvas, a set of colorful drills, and DIY tools. For each color of it, we provide 30% more.
  • Diamond painting allows you to experience the fun of being a painter and enrich your weekends and holidays.
  • Diamond painting is suitable for decorating your room and making it more beautiful. It is also a special gift for family, friends, and colleagues.
  • DIY Diamond painting is an excellent way to reduce pressure. During the production process, you can slowly adjust your emotions and release tension. When you see it being completed little by little, you will experience a sense of accomplishment and increase self-confidence.
  • HD canvas is waterproof and has a uniform texture. The pattern is coated with a layer of water-based glue and protected by a plastic film. You can easily attach the drills to the background, and it will never fall off.
  1. NEILDEN DIY 5D Diamond Art Kit

Product Description

  • Our diamond art kits for adult clearance include tools as below, one canvas, 1 point diamond pen, one painting mud, And the various colors of diamonds needed for the product. Besides, We added 30% diamonds for you.
  • Finishing diamond painting kits for adults need some steps. Firstly please place a few same numbered beads in the plastic tray. Secondly, take the “pen” insert to the square adhesive lightly, leaving little glue on the pen. Finally, please pick up a bead and place it on the correspondingly numbered canvas.
  • The design of the diamond painting starter kit comes with a total drill diamond and round diamond to make your diamond art shinier without a gap. You’ll be proud of finishing the diamond paintings and enjoying the process of painting. Add a decoration for your home or room.
  • Our diamond art kits for adults can regulate mood, relieve stress, and help you get an excellent spiritual trip. It also can cultivate patience, enhance hands-on ability. You will get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you finish it.
  • The diamond painting kit uses an environmentally adhesive, eco-friendly canvas, even texture: no poison, no smell, or harm. The pattern itself has a sticky background and plastic overtop to keep the picture damp, and then the gem will be stuck so that you can quickly complete the crystal rhinestone diamond painting.
  1. Two Pack 5D Full Drill Diamond Painting Kit

Product Description

  • The product comes with 2 X Canvas, Diamond, Tool. Material: Made of false shiny crystal in canvas painting semi-finished products. Canvas Size 15.8 x 11.8 inch
  • DIY diamond painting can experience a sense of achievement, learn to reduce stress, emotional adjustment, enhance self-confidence and perseverance, cultivate patience, the elderly and children are suitable.
  • Perfect for decorating your living room or bedroom to match different decoration styles.
  • DIY- Diy diamond painting can enhance your hands-on ability and be a good bonding experience for a family. Fun gifts for your parents, kids, friends, and coworkers
  • Place one kind of diamond in a tray, then take the “pen” insert to the square adhesive lightly, leave some glue on the pen, finally pick up the diamond and place it on the corresponding number on the canvas.
  1. Beach Starfish Full Drill 5D Diamond Art Kit

Product Description

  • You will get: A beach starfish picture of diamond painting kits with 12 * 16inch canvas, resin diamonds in various colors, drill pens, trays. The canvas itself is self-adhesive and has a layer of film protection, which is more convenient than clay. The complete set of diamond art paintings makes painting more convenient.
  • High Quality: Our 5d complete drill diamond painting kits are of excellent quality, fine diamond cutting, smooth surface, high refractive index, more shining beads, bright colors, high saturation, not easy to fade, and more durable. The canvas is strong, waterproof, moisture-proof, wrinkle-resistant, and uniform in color.
  • Perfect Gift: 5d complete drill diamond painting kits for adults are ideal for beginners, children, and the elderly. You can use our diamond art kits for adults as perfect Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and wedding gifts for family, friends, lovers, and children. They will love it!
  • Fashionable Decoration: If you think your house decoration is plain and ordinary, our cross diamond art kits can help you, unique and stylish color deer design, make your living room, bedroom, wall, and other vibrant.
  • How to Use: First, put the same diamond in the tray, tear off the canvas film, use the point drill pen to take the diamond, and finally put the extracted diamond on the corresponding number of the canvas. After completion, press with the book to make the finished diamond painting more firm.

Diamond Painting Kits for Kids

  1. FIGHTA 5D Diamond Painting Kits

Product Description

  • PAINTWORKS FOR: Paint by number kits for beginner or children who want to learn diamond painting
  • Kids Diamond Painting by Number Kits – Best diamond painting kits for kids to enhance children’s hands-on ability, color matching ability, develop concentration and joyful self-discipline
  • GIFT CHOICE: Perfect gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Birthday, or other significant days
  • Perfect diamond painting kids decorations that it can paste onto the items you want to decorate, such as phone, refrigerator, book, and so on
  • LONG-TERM PRESERVATION-High quality oil canvas, green glue with the super flash diamonds. You can keep finished rhinestone diamond painting for more than 20 years.
  1. LAN WHALE Easy 5D Diamond Painting Kit

Product Description

  • This design of DIY diamond painting full drill is for children. This kit is DIY-ing diamond painting, not a finished picture, and you need to finish it yourself.
  • Choose children’s favorite patterns to enhance their hands-on ability and color matching ability.
  • Colorful Sparkling designs are made easy for the younger child and diamond painting beginners.
  • You can complete it with your children and enjoy the fun of diamond painting together.
  • Size: 6*6 inches, include: canvas, wooden frame, diamond, Pen, Plate, Jelly gum

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a diamond painting?

A diamond painting is one of the newest art forms that has taken the world by storm. It’s a straightforward process: take a canvas, add some paint to it and then make small dots using a unique tool called an “art pen” or sometimes even just your fingers!

The trick is how you mix up where those dots go – they’re not random at all. They form shapes, which create images when combined with other paints. And as for what these images are? You can create anything from family portraits to scenes from movies on your palette!

Is Diamond Painting easy?

One thing we hear often is, “I don’t want to spend hours on something I’m not going to enjoy.” That may be true of some crafts. But diamond painting is different! The whole point of this craft is to relax, so you can take your time and be creative at the same time.

Diamonds are a great way to start with needlepoint because they aren’t as detailed or complicated. You’ll feel like an accomplished artist in no time when all those tiny diamonds make their patterns on the canvas before your eyes! And if it’s not for you, then there are plenty more projects waiting for you once you finish with these tiny wonders.

What is the difference between 3D and 5D diamond painting?

  • 3D Diamond Painting is approximately 2.5×2.5mm. It contains drills that have nine total facets, three on each side.
  • 5D Diamond Painting has five facets on each side for a total of 15 elements. These drills will make the finished product appear to have more depth.


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