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Why book a Private Party?

  1. You can choose the painting (some are 2 hour, and some are 3 hour classes).
  2. You will have access to your own party area.
  3. Your party can be as over the top or as understated that you’d like.
  4. It’s the same price as a regular class!

When can I have a party?

7 days of the week & you name the time (10am-10pm), subject to artist availability. (The last class must end by 10:pm)

NEW!!! Smaller private party options during select business hours!

  • Only have a small group of 5 , but you’ve fallen in love with that one painting!!! We now have options for you!!
  • Book your private party with a minimum of 5 people during the weekdays Monday – Friday from 10:am to 3:30pm. (The latest start time to take advantage of the special would be at 3:30pm for a 2 hour party.)
  • $45 /person for a Small Party (5 to 9 people)
  • If you party registrations reaches 10 people, each party member will receive a coupon good for $10 off their next visit!

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